Meet Dr. Zachary Pilossoph

Fear-Free Certified DVM, CAVM, Certified CBD Professional

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  • President and CEO, Valid Vet LLC
  • President and CEO, Human Excelsior LLC
  • Primary Veterinary Affiliate, Healthy Paws LLC

Dr. Zac Pilossoph is a graduate of Tufts University Veterinary School with post-graduate internship training in E/CC and Neurology/Neurosurgery. He is also a nationally recognized Fear-Free Certified veterinarian and is licensed to practice in nearly a dozen states across America. 

Dr. Zac’s emergence into concierge medicine immediately followed his post-graduate training when he noticed a significantly large gap in the veterinary field. Despite there being a multitude of staffing and hiring companies in existence, the industry was in constant need of veterinarians willing to take on short-term opportunities. Within one year, Dr. Zac was able to solve this predicament, and through passion and persistence, built a massive, trusted network of colleagues and partnerships across the United States.   

However, Dr. Zac recognized that the ability to responsibly provide care was limited by the very walls of the veterinary clinics and hospitals he was currently working through. The solution to this problem was simple: provide concierge-based, and highly objective, harm reduction educational and advisory services to the world — available and affordable to all, sourced from a real-world licensed and practicing contemporary veterinarian, that perfectly complemented the high-quality medical care provided by structured veterinary establishments. Thus, ValidVet was born.

In addition to advancing the concierge veterinary industry, Dr. Zac is a mental wellness and medical cannabis advocate. He is also a pet product development and design consultant, global media content contributor, and sits on the board of several different veterinary-related non-profit organizations.

Ultimately, through candid education, responsible application, and constructive evolution, Zac is uniting forces, breaking down barriers, and advancing contemporary society, with no signs of stopping any time soon.

With borderless impact and empowerment at the root of his mission and purpose, Zac Pilossoph dedicates his life to spreading the message that every individual can convert passion into action.

Every individual can convert passion into action.