Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ValidVet's role in Telehealth?

ValidVet is a teletriage service. Quoted directly from the AVMA: “Teletriage is the safe, appropriate, and timely assessment and management (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not) of animal patients via electronic consultation with their owners. In assessing patient condition electronically, the assessor determines urgency and the need for immediate referral to a veterinarian, based on the owner’s (or responsible party’s) report of history and clinical signs, sometimes supplemented by visual (e.g., photographs, video) information. A diagnosis is not rendered. The essence of teletriage is to make good and safe decisions regarding a patient’s disposition (immediate referral to a veterinarian or not), under conditions of uncertainty and urgency.”

ValidVet has taken this definition and broadened its responsible outreach, by extending the “triage” component to encompass all of Dr. Zac’s skill sets and expertise. By doing this, it allows for the same principles to be applied to all those included within the pet and vet community. Therefore, ValidVet is the first of its kind, tailored by and for the community, to assist in the safe, appropriate, timely, and completely legal delivery of responsible and reliable assessment and management of all questions and concerns.

2. What does Teletriage NOT include?

Teletriage in the veterinary field does not include quite a large number services, which makes it very different from true Telemedicine. The most important of these is that Teletriage does NOT establish a Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship, thus it is not legal for a Teletriage figure to act in ways that a doctor would if he/she were to be physically interacting with a pet and their owner. Specifically, Teletriage is not able to offer any services beyond the items listed in FAQ 1. This means that Teletriage is not a service meant to provide a diagnosis, treatment plan, and/or to prescribe medications.

Furthermore, true Telemedicine requires a licensed veterinarian to act within the rules of the state he/she is licensed, and to abide by all rules and regulations established therein. Teletriage does not require these, as there is no definitive medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, etc. provided by the Teletriage figure. Individuals who seek Teletriage guidance should always rely on their established veterinarian and/or an emergency facility to begin a Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship and to be provided with the opportunity to obtain a diagnosis, treatment plan, and to have medications prescribed. Remember, the limitations are based on the law, and thus must be rigorously abided by during each consultation and service provided

3. Does ValidVet have direct communication with general practitioners and emergency doctors?

No, ValidVet and all those within the entity, whether medical professionals or not, do not have direct access to veterinary hospitals and/or clinics during the time of service. ValidVet acts as an independent, complementary service to the rest of the veterinary medical industry, and is positioned to act as a service which can help pet parents make safe and appropriate decisions regarding various topics related to pet health and wellness while at a location other than a veterinary hospital or clinic. As per the rules stated in FAQ 1 and 2, ValidVet is allowed to help with Teletriage only, and cannot legally provide and/or be associated with true Telemedicine practices.

4. What is teleconsulting in comparison to what ValidVet offers?

Teleconsulting is the mutual conversation between one veterinary professional group and another with the goal being that the specialist can impart guidance on the care and well-being of a patient. A classic example of this is when a general practitioner electronically sends radiographs to a board-certified radiologist and an official radiology report is written and sent back to the general practitioner to aid in obtaining a proper diagnosis. On the contrary, ValidVet is a Teletriage service, and does not include Teleconsulting whatsoever at the present moment. ValidVet is tailored to address the general questions and concerns of the pet and vet community, not act as a veterinary specialist consulting service, and does not advertise to do so in any way.

5. Can I follow up with Dr. Zac after a ValidVet consult to continue veterinary care with him and/or the ValidVet team?

No, Dr. Zac and all other figures encompassed under ValidVet are not providing medical advice, will never establish an official Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship during any form of consulting, and do not have the legal right to initiate the development of a definitive diagnosis, treatment plan, or to prescribe medications. This remains true despite Dr. Zac being an actively licensed and practicing veterinarian.

6. Can I find Dr. Zac and/or any other figures within ValidVet after a consult and continue care with him following an initial consult on ValidVet?

Although Dr. Zac and all those within ValidVet can hypothetically be found on Earth, it is not recommended to attempt to find them, as any topics or information discussed during a ValidVet experience cannot be transitioned into medical care thereafter.

7. Can I share the information discussed on ValidVet with my primary care veterinarian and/or with an emergency veterinarian if I choose to seek one of these services following a ValidVet experience?

Yes, ValidVet is intended to help community members make safe, appropriate and timely choices regarding pet health and wellness. Thus, if it is recommended to seek veterinary care following a ValidVet experience, then it is recommended to let the subsequent team know of the initial ValidVet consultation so that the team can know there was a previous influence in the decision to seek official veterinary care.

8. Can Dr. Zac and any other ValidVet figures provide refills on medications if they were already prescribed by a veterinarian?

No, medications cannot be prescribed or refilled through ValidVet, as this requires a Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship in order to perform these tasks. ValidVet figures are also not allowed to contact your primary care veterinarian and recommend medications be prescribed and/or refilled.

9. What if I see Dr. Zac in real life outside of ValidVet?

Say hello and be friendly. Dr. Zac as well as every single figure within ValidVet is screened for friendliness, whether working with ValidVet at the time or not.

10. How can I follow up with Dr. Zac for non-medical questions?

Please direct all questions, concerns, inquiries, requests, etc. to the ValidVet email address info@validvet.org. All messages sent through this email address are checked daily, with responses almost always returned within 48 hours.